The Cliff Hanger is an amusement park ride that is meant to simulate hang gliding.

Design Edit

This device consists of a metal ram with a hinged end. Attached to the ram are hydraulic cylinders that push the ram upward about 65 degrees off a base trailer with supporting outriggers, or concrete set in. Attached to the opposite end of the ram the hitch is on, is a drive motor in which a circular boom is fixed. The boom primarily consists of foldable triangular truss structures. Attached to the parameter of the boom are gondola cars with kite tops. The cars are designed to hold 3 people in a laid position. In the centre, most models of these rides have a triangle centre ornament with lights. This ride also has a very strong light package bar set, running along the perimeter of the boom. The ride most commonly uses kites, flags and banners in its operating structure to hide its skeletal lurking beams. The rides paint usually consists of neon or bold colours. The overall design of the ride is similar to the Star Trooper ride, also manufactured by Dartron.

Ride experience Edit

The ride starts off with the boom lifting a few feet off the ground then starts to spin at a 65-degree tilt, sending passengers on flying 50 foot in the air.

The ride Paratrooper is similar, but riders sit up instead of lying down.

Operation Edit

This ride is built with two operating modes, manual or automatic. Most carnivals like to use the automatic mode, for it is easier on the ride as well as its operator. The manual mode can be used if someone needs to get off or to shorten the ride for any reason. Most controls of these rides are fixed with a foot pedal that will deactivate controls in absence of operator.

Safety features Edit

  • Overhead body harnesses.
  • Emergency power cut-off.
  • Activate/Deactivate controls foot pedal.
  • Anti-Swing gondola brakes.