Doctor Doom's Fearfall
Doctor Doom's Fearfall


Universal's Islands of Adventure


Orlando, Florida, USA


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Space Shot



Doctor Doom's Fearfall is a space shot ride located in the Islands of Adventure theme park at Universal Orlando Resort. As the name suggests, the ride is themed after the superhero team Fantastic Four archenemy, Doctor Doom. The ride opened on May 28, 1999.

History Edit

In 1991, planning began for a new theme park adjacent to Universal Studios Florida. By the end of 1993, it was decided that one area of the future Islands of Adventure theme park would be themed after Marvel Comics, with a Hulk theme being selected for a thrill ride. The designers of the ride wanted to simulate being fired out of a cannon and subsequently set about prototyping a launch system. Universal Creative and MTS Systems Corporation had a working prototype in January 1995. Methods to achieve this acceleration were investigated into mid-1996. On-site construction of Islands of Adventure was underway in 1997, with Superior Rigging & Erection being responsible for erecting the supports and track of the roller coaster. On May 28, 1999, Islands of Adventure officially opened to the public, with Doctor Doom's Fearfall being one of its debut attractions.

Experience Edit

Queue Edit

Part of the ride's seating at Islands of Adventure

Riders entered the science laboratory of Dr. Bruce Banner with many televisions showing details the invention behind Doom's latest invention, and its ability to defeat the Fantastic Four. You soon become a subject of Dr. Doom and traps you so he can have your fear extracted. Your fear will become the ingredient he needs for his weaponry schemes.

Ride experience Edit

After walking through the queue, guests arrive at Doctor Doom's launching platform. After boarding the vehicle, a doombot begins the clockdown. After the clockdown, riders are launched into the air for approximately 2 minutes. After the riders return to the ground, Doom laughs manically as he successfully got everything he wanted. The countdown may not always be the same, making the pre-launch wait scary.