Star Shapes currently operating: Sky Jet at Skyline Park in Germany, High Energy owned by the Kaiser Family in Germany, AIR owned by Abie Danter Jnr in England and Mechanica at Liseberg in Sweden.

Zierer is currently the only manufacturer to build Star Shapes. The design is based on the Technical Park typhoon 360 and the Mondial Top Scan.

Traveling Star Shapes are transported on four semi-trailers. The time for a Star Shape to be assembled is sixteen hours and a crane is needed.

The Star Shape has its six star-shaped gondola arms, each with five seats. They turn round at the end of a 30-meter-long main mast. The stars seem to be close at hand when the gondolas stand at a height of 30 meters. From there, the passengers can admire not only the entire park, but also a part of the landscape around it. But this moment is just the calm before the storm and the impressive view only for a short time. After the gondola cross has turned round at dizzying heights, the main mast is already racing in the dive around its own longitudinal axis. The thrill potential of the Star Shape is far from being exhausted. The individual gondola arms also rotate 360 ​​degrees. Three different rotations motivate her guests - with his legs floating freely.Three times secured back restraints bring your visitors back to the bottom of the ride, Once there, they will not know where their heads are.The pulse is faster by watching, With its impressive size and refined tower lighting the Star Shape is a landmark and visitor magnet at the same time. And it is certainly one of the most exciting experiences in a theme park or if you are very lucky, the funfair circuit.

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